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Saving on your monthly grocery bill has never been easier! As an AHA member you are now entitled to order grocery coupons from a wide selection of top national brands COMPLETELY FREE.

A typical family of 4 can save $40 weekly and over $2,000 yearly by regularly ordering coupons from this site and shopping wisely.

How to Order
Once you've selected at least 25, but no more than 35, different products, the PROCESS MY ORDER link will appear. Click it to access the CHECKOUT form and follow instructions to ensure delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Inventory varies. You will be fulfilled as many of your selections as possible until a $12 limit is reached. If your selections are not in stock at time of shipment, you may find you have alternative selections. If there is an overage of a particular coupon, additional coupons may be sent to you as a bonus.

How to Order Multiple Coupons per Product
Use the write-in section at the top of the CHECKOUT form to make your request. Please limit your request up to 3 coupons per brand item.

Can't Find An Item
Use the write-in section at the top of the CHECKOUT form and enter your request as a "SPECIAL REQUEST".

Good Luck and Good Shopping
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If you experience any problems, please call AHA customer service at 1-800-470-2242 8 AM to 6 PM EST.